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Miami is loved for its tropical climate, warm winters, and hot summers.

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The cost of living in Miami is 20% over the national average. The average monthly rent stands at $1998, and properties sell for $584,754 on average. What makes the city especially desirable is that there’s no income tax in Florida. This makes moving to Miami a great option for people who have fixed incomes — for instance, those whose careers are location independent.

While tourism and hospitality may seem like the obvious sectors to work in, fashion, finance, and technology are all developed industries in the city. In fact, Miami was in third place in the US for new job openings, which signifies a thriving market. American Airlines, Precision Response Corporation, and Costa Farms are the three biggest employers in Miami.

While Miami is unfortunately infamous for its bad traffic, it has a great network of low-cost public transport. The city has three airports, including the Miami International Airport, which boasts over a thousand daily flights. 

When it comes to schooling, Miami can offer some excellent options to residents. It’s also home to 59 universities, colleges, and vocational schools, the highest ranking being the University of Miami (currently the 55th best in the US).

Living in Miami, Florida offers a vibrant lifestyle with its warm climate, numerous attractions, and a thriving entertainment industry. With the help of CEND, you can make a smooth move to this exciting city and start enjoying your new life.

where to live, have fun, and explore


This neighborhood is known for its traditional architecture and laid-back atmosphere, which is a stark and welcome contrast to the otherwise bustling city.

The cultural and historical epicenter of the city also boasts most of the world-famous Miami beaches.

This dense urban area is Miami’s financial center, as well as one of its most desirable neighborhoods. 

Popular for its beautiful architecture, Coral Gables boasts the 1920s Venetian pool.

This beautiful neighborhood provides the perfect balance of a laid-back living environment and a short commute to the downtown.

This dense suburban neighborhood prides itself on ethnic diversity, safety, and a laid-back environment.

This family-friendly neighborhood has a more suburban feel — a welcome break from the busy downtown. It also offers residents a great pick of private schools.

Wynwood is known as the most ‘artsy’ area in Miami. With its eclectic social scene and a wide range of trendy shops and cafes, it’s often young people’s first choice.

This is the neighborhood of choice for those looking to join the city’s vibrant Cuban community — and enjoy excellent public transport.

This suburb is great for those looking to save on their housing costs without compromising safety and comfort.

This small community offers tranquility to those looking to stay close to the city but escape the hustle and bustle.

This area is the closest match to what vacationers think about when they hear Miami. If you’re looking to maximize partying, look no further!

things to do in miami, fl

The people of Miami sure know how to party! So, it’s hardly a surprise that the spring and summer months are full to the brim with eclectic festivals and events!

To start, we have to mention the iconic Ultra Music Festival. Electronic music fans should make sure they don’t miss out on this one! Every year, over 150 000 music fans gather to enjoy one of the country’s top festivals — and for a good reason. This festival is known for its world-class setlists, and many performers opt to premiere their new music there. 

Not the biggest fan of electronic music? No need to worry — Miami truly has something to offer to everyone. The South Beach Jazz Festival is the annual opener of festival season and is nothing short of a cultural cornerstone. Not to mention a valuable opportunity to listen to world-class jazz musicians for free! Calle Ocho Music Festival — America’s largest Latin festival — is also held in Miami every year. Make sure you visit Little Havana in March to join the festivities for a chance to celebrate the city’s vibrant community.

Of course, events in the city are not limited to music. The Miami International Boat Show is the place to be for anyone with even a passing interest in boating. You’ll be sure to enjoy one of the world’s biggest boat shows! Whether you’re on the market for a yacht, or realistically you’d have to limit yourself to just browsing, this show will leave you with unforgettable memories. Miami Fashion Week is also a calendar staple. Major Caribbean designers often premier their best work here, so make sure you secure your tickets well in advance! Brew Miami, on the other hand, will allow you to enjoy some great beer pairing in the middle of winter. Perhaps the most unique of the bunch, the International Mango Festival may sound unusual at first. However, anyone who has tasted a perfectly ripe mango can most certainly understand the appeal! 

We can’t neglect to mention the city’s vibrant and thriving LGBT+ community, which organizes some of the best events in Miami. To start, Miami Beach Pride is nothing short of iconic. Any Miami resident can tell you about the importance of the Pride festival to the locals. Join 150 000 yearly visitors to celebrate and honor the LGBT+ community. The Winter Party Festival is not one to miss either! While this event is true to its mission of supporting and fundraising for the LGBT+ community, it also gives visitors a full week of nonstop fun and debauchery. 

The city boasts a vibrant sports scene. Miami Heat, the Miami Marlins, and the Miami Dolphins can provide endless thrill and entertainment to fans of either of the city’s dominant sports: basketball, baseball, or football.

As an internationally-renowned nightlife destination, Miami will never leave you feeling bored. World-class clubs, numerous spring and summer festivals, and a host of LGBT-friendly events — there’s truly something for anyone’s taste.
Those looking to indulge in the city’s distinct nighttime atmosphere have plenty of iconic clubs to choose from. Start off at Club Space — this 24-hour venue is the undisputed leader in Miami’s party scene, especially regarding raves. Next on the list is LIV Miami. You’ll likely recognize the venue’s iconic interior from reality TV, movies, or even heard it mentioned in songs! As one of the most famous nightclubs in the city, LIV Miami is as much a nightclub as it is a landmark. Don’t miss out! If you’re a hip-hop fan, Story will attract you with its excellent music, rowdy parties, and down-to-earth vibes. On the other hand, those looking for a luxurious and exclusive experience are sure to love Hyde Beach. This indoor/outdoor venue is known for its massive pool that overlooks the ocean and upscale clientele.

As Miami stays warm all year long, it can offer plenty of fun outdoor activities to kids. No matter what time of the year it is, you’ll be sure to find something fun to do with your little ones.

For instance, the Miami Children’s Museum offers the perfect combination of educational and fun activities, making it a favorite for both children and parents. Any kid will enjoy an adventurous day out in Zoo Miami, while Oleta River State Park is the place to go for a day full of watersports, cycling, and fun land activities here.

On those rare occasions when you need to stay inside, you can take your kids to the Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science. This can be a great opportunity for your kid to indulge in a day full of the fascinating nature of science. For some pure fun, go to FunDimension. This indoor arcade features games, laser tag, and a 7D cinema — a treat for any child.

Miami leash laws dictate that your pet needs to be leashed at all times whenever they’re out of your private property. However, there are some exceptions, such as dog-friendly beaches, so make sure you research before taking off with your furry friend. Some of Miami’s dog-friendly activities include:
– Blanche Park in Coconut Grove
– Village Green Dog Park in Key
– Dog Beach (Miami Beach)
– Haulover Dog Beach (Miami Beach)
– Hobie Island Beach (Key Biscayne)
– Eclectico Restaurant & Bar in Coral Gables
– Peacock Garden in Coconut Grove
– LoKal in Coconut Grove
– Shuckers Waterfront Grill in North Bay Village

Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash.

miami restaurants & breweries

While Miami is known for its Cuban cuisine, the city also boasts some of America’s best Latin American and Caribbean. Michelin-starred places such as The Surf Club Restaurant and Ariete sit among famous old-school diners like Rio Cristal. One thing’s for sure — the city is bursting with flavor.

environmental standards

As a city often affected by bad weather, Miami has been making efforts to become more eco-friendly. There’s some serious effort to minimize emissions and a growing number of EV charging stations.

Photo by Mike Gilling on Unsplash

miami moving & storage

CEND’s mission is to make your move as stress-free as possible. We can cover any aspect of your move from packing to transportation to temporary storage. Please get in touch for a quote or make your booking now!