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cend’s portable storage containers

4-foot storage container

  • Our 4-foot containers offer sufficient storage for a smaller living space or items from 1 room (220 square feet or less)
  • Great for college students moving to campus housing
  • About the size of a large closet, these containers are similar to a 5×5 storage unit

8-foot storage container

An 8-foot storage container holds approximately the same contents as a 10-foot moving truck or a 5×10 storage unit. When renting one of these containers for your Atlanta move, you should plan for this size if you have approximately 500 square feet of living space to store, such as a studio apartment or a shared area like a college dorm. You’ll be able to fit approximately one bedroom’s worth of furniture in this storage container, including a bed, nightstand, small armchair, and a few boxes. 

These storage containers for rent are excellent for college students, individuals moving by themselves, or homeowners storing furniture during a room-by-room remodeling project. 

16-foot storage container

A 16-foot storage container, the largest individual size option for rentals, holds roughly the same volume of items as you’d expect to fit in a 15-foot moving truck, or a 10×15 storage unit. Suitable for the contents of a two- or three-bedroom home, or approximately 1,200 square feet of living space, it can comfortably hold several mattresses, bed frames, and larger furniture pieces. The length of a standard parking spot, this larger option still fits on your property for headache-free loading at your pace. 

This portable storage unit size meets the needs of families moving to or from the Atlanta area as well as individuals taking on whole-home renovations or downsizing to a smaller home. 

benefits of cend portable storage units

Moving and relocating is a personal choice, so the way you move shouldn’t be any different. Enjoy customization and versatility with CEND’s team of Atlanta moving pros who will help you find the right container size, rental period, and storage options for your needs. Not only can we pick up and store your loaded container at our secure facilities, but we’ll also retrieve an accidentally-packed item for you on request and arrange to have it sent to you.

If you’re on a schedule, so are we — your schedule. When you utilize CEND for your portable storage unit rental, you can trust your unit will be delivered on time by professionals, taking the guesswork and hassle out of your moving plans. Once delivered, you’ll have 24/7 access to the unit on your property until you’re ready to have it picked up. From there, we can either transport it directly to your destination or store it at one of our secure, employee-only facilities until you’re ready to receive it. 

find your cend storage container

Looking for a smart, affordable alternative to storage unit Atlanta facilities? When you customize your move with portable storage units, you get unprecedented flexibility, 24/7 access while loading, and secure storage options for peace of mind. Whether you’re moving into the Atlanta area or planning to relocate outside the region, ensuring a smooth move has never been easier. With just a call, you can have a roomy, easy-to-use storage unit as close to you as your front curb or driveway. 

At CEND, we utilize competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and maximum flexibility in our business model to get you the storage you need without extras you don’t. We know that moving in Atlanta is already a big demand on your time and effort, which is why we’re committed to making it easier every step of the way. If you’re ready to make your move to or from Atlanta and need secure, flexible storage options, contact us today to get a quote and arrange storage on your terms. 

portable storage units for every situation

Man & woman doing house projects. Photo by Getty Images from Unsplash.

on-site storage

CEND facilities are completely safe and secure because we only allow employees on-site. Once you call us to pick up your packed storage container from your Atlanta home, you’ll know your belongings are safely locked away until you’re ready for delivery. And while we don’t allow visitors on-site, we can help you retrieve the item you unexpectedly need or packed by accident. Just give our team member your information, and we’ll be glad to retrieve your item for you and send it to your location. 

mobile storage

Imagine never having to commute to and from your Atlanta storage unit rental again. Our portable storage units give you the opportunity for secure storage right in your driveway or yard, letting you load up at your own pace until your container is ready for pickup. With just a call, we’ll come to pick up your container and move it to your new home or store it at our facility until you’re ready for delivery again. 

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atlanta moving & storage

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your move and need a little extra assistance, help is as close as your convenient rental storage container.

CEND can assist by putting you in touch with moving professionals ready to help load, unload, and more, or you can choose the services you want a la carte. No matter what circumstances are behind your move, relocation, or renovation, you don’t have to tackle them alone. At CEND, we’re ready to help with smart storage, but our network of assistance doesn’t end there. Ask a team member for details on how we can help make your Atlanta move even easier.

CEnd moving and storage resources

atlanta storage faqs

Your ideal storage container size depends on a variety of factors. Start by using our storage calculator tool, which will factor in the size of your current space and what you expect to store and move. This will help provide you with a rough estimate of what you can expect to comfortably fit in each of our three size options for portable storage units for rent.

The short answer is — as long as you need to keep your storage container. While we do offer standard rental periods, these can be adjusted and extended according to your needs. If your plans change, don’t worry. We’re ready to change with them to keep your move free of headaches.

CEND’s storage containers for rent in Atlanta vary in price depending on size, rental term, storage options, and other factors. To get a more accurate idea of cost, use our  free quote tool and tell us about the specifics of your move. Remember, we use a marketplace structure and price matching so you’ll always get the best value for your storage rental dollar. 

Once we deliver your storage container to your property, you’ll be able to access it 24/7. This is particularly helpful for packing and storing items at your own pace, and it offers flexibility for storage during renovation projects. Once you call CEND to pick up your packed portable storage unit, we’ll hold it in our secure, employee-only storage facility location until you’re ready to have it delivered once more.

If you forget something in your container, don’t worry. Just tell one of our team members what you need, and they’ll go into your container to retrieve it for you, sending it to your location without needing to alter your storage term. 

Have more questions about portable storage units, rentals, or other moving services? Visit our Moving & Storage FAQ Page for more information.