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cend’s portable storage containers

4-foot storage container

It might be the baby of the bunch, but our 4-foot storage container still offers an impressive amount of storage space – up to 220 cubic feet. It’s ideal for moving items from a smaller living space or when you want to store items from one room. This size is a big hit with college students moving to campus housing for the first time. When it comes to storage space, our 4-foot container is perfect for storing or moving the contents of places that are 550 square feet or less, such as dorm rooms or studio apartments. The size is comparable to a 5 x 5 storage unit. If you’re still not sure whether this container is right for you, why not spend a couple of minutes and use our online calculator.

8-foot storage container

When you’re looking for portable storage units that offer an impressive amount of storage space, look no further than our 8-foot storage container. It’s the smallest container we offer, but don’t let its size fool you. This container is perfect for when you need to move items from a small living space or store items from a single room. If you’re a student moving to campus, this unit offers all the storage space you need. We recommend our 8-foot storage container for moving the contents of 500 square feet or less, such as studio apartments. The size of this container is comparable to a 5 x 10 storage unit or a 10-foot moving truck. 

16-foot storage container

If you’re looking to move the contents of a two- to three-bedroom home, our 16-foot container will be sufficient. It can handle a home of up to 1,200 square feet and can fit into a standard parking spot. All our storage units in Minneapolis are watertight, secure, and perfect for storing bulky items or large furniture. The size of this container is comparable to a 10 x 15 storage unit or a 20-foot moving truck.

benefits of cend portable storage units

When it comes to flexible moving and storage solutions, nobody does it better than CEND. We understand every customer has unique requirements. No matter which portable storage units you choose or which services you select, you can be sure to only pay for what you need. 

At CEND, we understand time is of the essence when it comes to storing and moving items. That’s why we always offer guaranteed on-time delivery. We’ll work closely with you to agree on a time for delivery and get your container to the location of your choice. Knowing exactly what time your container will be delivered helps you to get ready for its arrival, whether that means packing up boxes or moving furniture so it’s ready to be loaded. 

Once you’ve decided which size portable storage unit you need, we’ll arrange delivery directly to your door. Our delivery team will take care of everything, from unloading your container to showing you how to get the best from the storage space available. If you need to make a change to your delivery time, simply call our team and we’ll be pleased to help. 

Security is paramount when it comes to storing your belongings. You can rest assured that anything you store in one of our storage units in Minneapolis will be kept safe. Our robust steel storage containers are solid, sturdy, and watertight. Whether you have plans to move home or start college life, our containers will take care of your items for as long as you need them to. 

Flexibility and convenience are priorities at CEND. You can choose to store your portable storage unit at one of our facilities or keep it outside your home. We give 24/7 on-site access to your storage container, and our team is always on hand should you need to retrieve something or place another item in storage. No matter where you keep your container, all items will be safe and protected from the elements. 

Life can be unpredictable. While you might plan to use your portable storage unit for a few days, life might throw you a curveball that means you need to store your items longer. We allow you to hire your portable storage unit for as long as you need it. It’s easy to extend your storage period. Simply speak to our team, and we’ll take care of everything for you. 

find your cend storage container

When you need high-quality, flexible, affordable portable storage units in Minneapolis, we have you covered here at CEND. We’ll help you choose the ideal storage solution to suit your needs and provide you with a competitive cost. Thanks to our network of trusted providers, we can offer competitive prices without any compromise on security or service. Discover how much you could save by using our free quote tool on our website. If you’re interested in what CEND has to offer, we look forward to welcoming you as a new customer. 

portable storage units for every situation

Man & woman doing house projects. Photo by Getty Images from Unsplash.

on-site storage

Whether you’re moving from a home or you need to free up floor space for renovations, we have portable storage units in Minneapolis to suit every situation. We offer an on-site storage solution that allows you to keep your storage unit outside your home for as long as you like and to access it whenever you like. Once your storage container is full, you can choose to use our moving service or arrange for your container to be stored at one of our facilities. 

mobile storage

If you’ve decided to store your container at one of our storage facilities, our friendly team will pick up your storage unit and take it to one of our secure storage sites. Since only staff have access to our facilities, our team will always be on hand to retrieve items or give you access to retrieve items yourself. 

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minneapolis moving & storage

Whether you need Minneapolis storage units for storage or you have a move planned, we can tailor our services to suit your exact needs. From helping you with your local or cross-country house move to storing your items at our secure facility, we put you in full control. Whether you’re downsizing and need temporary storage for furniture or your child is moving onto a college campus, we’re here to help things go smoothly. Our team can also help with packing and unpacking as well as loading and unloading. We aim to take the stress out of moving and storage with a la carte services you can use your way. 

CEnd moving and storage resources

minneapolis storage faqs

When it comes to hiring portable storage units, it’s so important to choose the right size container. We’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have and recommend a container to you. However, we’ve made things even easier with our handy storage calculator. This tool is great for visualizing your space and helping you choose the right size container. We can even help you with storing large items, such as vehicles. Speak to our team to find out more. 

At CEND, we take great pride in our flexibility, especially when it comes to storage periods. You can keep your container for as long as you need it. Whether your move is taking longer or you’re looking to sell items in storage in the future, you can choose to extend your storage period whenever you need to. 

Whether you’re looking to hire one of our portable storage units for the day or for a number of months, we’ll always give you a great price. You can call our team for a competitive estimate today or use our free quote tool. If you have a price from one of our competitors, give us a call, and we’ll do our best to match it or beat it. 

How you access your Minneapolis portable storage unit depends on which of our services you choose. If you’ve selected to use our on-site storage facility, we’ll give you access to your container 24/7, 365 days a year. If you’ve opted for our mobile service, simply let us know when you’d like us to collect your container and we’ll do the rest, taking it to our secure facility for storage. If you ever need an item from your container, our team will retrieve it for you.