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cend’s portable storage containers

4-foot storage container

It might be the baby of the bunch, but our 4-foot storage container still offers an impressive amount of storage space – up to 220 cubic feet. It’s ideal for moving items from a smaller living space or when you want to store items from one room. This size is a big hit with college students moving to campus housing for the first time. When it comes to storage space, our 4-foot container is perfect for storing or moving the contents of places that are 550 square feet or less, such as dorm rooms or studio apartments. The size is comparable to a 5 x 5 storage unit. If you’re still not sure whether this container is right for you, why not spend a couple of minutes and use our online calculator.

8-foot storage container

An 8-foot storage container is similar, size-wise, to a 10-foot moving truck or 5×10 storage unit. It can generally hold the contents of a studio or a smaller room under 500 square feet. It may be a suitable storage option for college students or those renovating a room in their home.

16-foot storage container

A 16-foot storage container can usually fit furnishings and cartons from a two- or three-bedroom house. It can store items from up to 1,200 square feet of space. This storage container may be ideal for storing items while a family moves house. It’s also a great storage option for anyone wishing to empty their home in order to rent it out while they work overseas or travel long-term. For comparison, this storage container is similar to a 20-foot moving truck or 10×15 storage unit and is around the length of a regular car parking spot.      

benefits of cend portable storage units

CEND’s unique business model gives customers plenty of freedom and flexibility to move and store their possessions in a way that works best for them. The range of portable container units means customers can choose what size best fits their needs. You only pay for the exact features you need, giving you the confidence to plan your move your way and within your budget. We’ll deliver your container directly to your door for total convenience.

You don’t need to worry about waiting for your possessions to arrive. CEND’s dedication to customer service means you’ll always get the goods on time, every time. Plan your storage or move with complete confidence.

You can choose where to keep your Nashville storage units, whether outside your home for 24/7 access or out of the way at one of our secure storage facilities. If you opt to keep it in storage, we can easily grab anything you may need later.

Our portable storage units are made from sturdy steel, ensuring the safety and security of your items and providing you with peace of mind. Our storage facilities are also secure.

You can choose the level of assistance you require. You can store your possessions at home or our facility. If your situation changes and you need more time, you can easily extend the storage period. If you want your belongings shipped across the country, CEND can take care of it.

find your cend storage container

When looking for suitable storage units, Nashville residents can take full advantage of CEND’s marketplace operations. We use different providers to offer excellent customer satisfaction at the lowest rates. You can also benefit from choosing just the right services for your requirements, budget, and preferences, with customizable options, meaning you only pay for the services you need. Contact CEND to book the most convenient storage units Nashville has to offer or get in touch for a no-obligation quotation.   

portable storage units for every situation

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on-site storage

You can conveniently store your belongings in portable storage units on-site at your home or business premises. CEND will deliver the container to your property, and you can keep it there for as long as you need. This enables you to have easy access any time you want and to rearrange your stored items at leisure. On-site storage could be especially useful if you’re having a particular area of your home or office remodeled. It may also be helpful if you’re renovating or decorating your home in stages. You could store furnishings from one room while work is underway, then switch items when work begins on a new room. You can extend the storage period if needed.    

mobile storage

Mobile storage refers to where your items are taken to one of CEND’s storage facilities temporarily. CEND delivers the container for you to load, then it’s moved out of your way. Although you can’t then go to the site to access your container, the team from CEND can easily retrieve anything you need on your behalf. When convenient, you can arrange for the container to be returned to your property or delivered to a new location. Keeping your belongings off-site at a storage facility could be especially useful if you have limited space outside your home or office.

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nashville moving & storage

With the freedom to choose the exact services you need, CEND helps to take some of the hassles out of storing or moving your possessions. CEND offers a comprehensive range of à la carte services, which you can select as needed. This allows you to budget appropriately and work to your timeline. If you simply want a secure storage container for on- or off-site use, that’s no problem. However, if you’d rather leave the heavy work to someone else, CEND’s got you covered. Our team can help pack your items and load them into the storage box. We can then help you unload when you’re ready. We can transport your items to a new location, whether somewhere else in Nashville or in another state. You can also store as much or as little as you want in our storage facilities before, during, or after your move.  

CEnd moving and storage resources

nashville storage faqs

CEND’s useful storage calculator helps you visualize the size of each container, giving you a clearer picture of what will and won’t fit inside. You’ll better know whether you’ll need multiple boxes to contain all your furnishings and cartons.

For example, an 8-foot storage container is around the size of a walk-in closet. It can generally hold the contents of a small studio apartment, including your bedroom furnishings, boxed-up clothes and linens, kitchen equipment, and basic living room furniture.

A 16-foot container is about the same length as a standard parking spot. It can normally hold everything from a two- or three-bedroom home; you could conveniently pack away items from your bedroom and your kids’ rooms, along with living room, kitchen, and dining room items.   

CEND offers flexible storage options to meet customers’ unique situations and requirements. You can store items for as long as needed. Plus, if renovations run behind or a house move is delayed, we offer the stress-free ability to extend your storage period. We understand that life happens.  

Nashville storage units are competitively priced, with a price-match guarantee to ensure you never pay more than you need to. You can be assured of the best value and lowest price. Costs naturally vary depending on the size of the container, length of hire, and location. The final price also depends on the exact services you need. Enter your details into our free quotation tool to see how much storage may cost based on your requirements.

CEND drops off containers at your location on a day that’s convenient for you. You can keep the portable unit at your property for as long as you want. Alternatively, you or we can pack and load the unit, ready to be taken away and stored at a different location. For off-site storage, we can assist if you need anything out of your container.

If you have any further questions about CEND’s portable storage solutions in Nashville, take a look at our Moving & Storage FAQ page.