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cend’s austin moving containers

4-foot storage container

It might be the baby of the bunch, but our 4-foot storage container still offers an impressive amount of storage space – up to 220 cubic feet. It’s ideal for moving items from a smaller living space or when you want to store items from one room. This size is a big hit with college students moving to campus housing for the first time. When it comes to storage space, our 4-foot container is perfect for storing or moving the contents of places that are 550 square feet or less, such as dorm rooms or studio apartments. The size is comparable to a 5 x 5 storage unit. If your still not sure whether this container is right for you, why not spend a couple of minutes and use our online calculator.

8-foot storage container

For college students moving home for the summer or those needing external storage while remodeling a room, an 8-foot moving container can accommodate one to two furniture pieces and boxed items. This size is ideal for a small studio or 500-square foot space and is comparable to a 5 x 10 storage unit or 10-foot moving truck. 

16-foot storage container

If you’re packing up a two- to three-bedroom home up to 1,200 square feet, you’ll likely need a 16-square foot moving container. This size is ideal for a family or roommates to transport their combined belongings, including bedroom sets, mattresses, living room furniture, kitchen appliances, and miscellaneous items. Comparable to a standard parking space, a 16-foot moving container is about the size of a 10 x 15 storage unit or 20-foot moving truck. 

benefits of cend’s austin moving company

You likely want only the best movers in Austin to transport your prized possessions. There are several benefits of choosing CEND over other moving companies. 

CEND offers customizable services to help customers feel confident about their moving decisions. Whether it’s choosing the right size container or a specialty feature, you’ll have complete freedom to choose the services you want to pay for without worrying about unnecessary expenses. 

With high customer satisfaction standards, CEND is dedicated to delivering your portable storage containers on time to help you meet your moving timeline. This means you’ll never have to worry where your supplies are or when they’ll arrive. 

You won’t have to worry about finding time to pick up your moving containers because CEND will deliver them to you. Once the containers are in your possession, you can keep them on-site for 24/7 access or at a CEND facility where employees are available for item retrieval if you accidentally pack something you need. 

Whether you’re moving locally or across the country, CEND can accommodate your needs and ensure your belongings arrive safely. Since CEND moving containers are made with sturdy steel, your items are protected no matter how far or long they travel. If you’re running behind schedule, contact CEND to extend your services. 

convenient & affordable moving services in austin, tx

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long-distance moving

Because of CEND’s unique business model and price match guarantee, you’ll have access to the best available prices, even if you’re moving cross-country. CEND also offers state-of-the-art technology, so you can track your belongings across long distances to avoid worrying about where your stuff is. 

diy to full-service moving

CEND encourages customers to take charge of their move by offering services from DIY to full-service moving. By using DIY, you get to customize your services according to your personal preferences and budget. If you choose full-service, CEND assists with every stage of the moving process from providing supplies to loading and unloading your items. These options ensure you get the moving experience you want at an affordable price. 

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moving & storage

CEND will not only help you move but also provide storage solutions during every step of the process. You can choose the moving and storage services you want a la carte or enjoy CEND’s full package, which includes packing, loading, transporting, and storing your items until you’re ready to unload and set up your new home. 

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austin moving faqs

Because CEND operates as a marketplace, hiring movers in Austin with us is more affordable than most other major moving and storage companies. We also price match with competitors if the same services are available at a lower rate. You can use our free quote tool to generate an instant quote based on your needs for a more precise estimate. 

After choosing the portable moving containers you want, CEND will deliver them to your requested location where you can pack and load your belongings or let us do it for you. We then transport the containers to your new location while using technology that allows you to track them throughout their journey. Once the containers arrive, you’re free to unload them at your earliest convenience, ask us to do it, or use them as storage if you aren’t ready to unpack.

CEND can transport your moving containers to most major metro areas. Check out our complete list of locations, or contact our team for more shipping information. 

The size moving container you need will depend on how big of a space you’re packing. For instance, an 8-foot container can accommodate a small studio, while a 12-foot container is better for a one-bedroom home. If you have a two- to three-bedroom home, a 16-foot container should do the trick. Check out our moving calculator to visualize the size and quantity you’ll need. 

More questions about how CEND portable moving containers work? Visit our Moving & Storage FAQ page for more information!

find your austin movers

CEND uses a marketplace business model to help you pinpoint the best value for your moving needs and uphold our commitment to customer satisfaction. This provides a fully customizable moving process to ensure you have access to the services you need at a price you can afford. If you’re in need of Austin movers, contact CEND today and learn how our services can help.