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cend’s seattle moving containers

4-foot storage container

It might be the baby of the bunch, but our 4-foot storage container still offers an impressive amount of storage space – up to 220 cubic feet. It’s ideal for moving items from a smaller living space or when you want to store items from one room. This size is a big hit with college students moving to campus housing for the first time. When it comes to storage space, our 4-foot container is perfect for storing or moving the contents of places that are 550 square feet or less, such as dorm rooms or studio apartments. The size is comparable to a 5 x 5 storage unit. If your still not sure whether this container is right for you, why not spend a couple of minutes and use our online calculator.

8-foot storage container

Our 8-foot container provides enough room to store the belongings from a typical studio or a room under 500 square feet. These containers are great for college students who need to pack up a dorm room. It’s also an excellent solution to store the contents of a room in your home during a remodel. The size of our 8-foot moving container is comparable to the storage space you get from a 5×10 storage unit or a 10-foot moving truck.

16-foot storage container

Moving larger spaces requires our 16-foot moving container, which is large enough to hold the contents of a two or three-bedroom home of up to 1,200 square feet. This is a great size to move most homes. If you want a visual representation of the size, picture a standard parking spot. The moving container offers the same amount of space as a 10×15 storage unit or a 20-foot moving truck.

benefits of cend’s seattle moving company

When it comes to Seattle movers, you want to choose a company that offers the greatest number of benefits and conveniences for your situation. Moving is often stressful, but selecting the right company to help you can eliminate a lot of the worry and anxiety.

CEND gives each customer the confidence and independence to move their way. You have the option to choose from different container sizes, as well as the features you need and want to pay for. This is fantastic news if you are on a tight budget and want to find a cost-effective way to use Seattle movers that delivers what you need without charging you for services or space you don’t even use. Flexibility, affordability, and great service are what customers look for, and these qualities are what identify the highest-rated moving companies in Seattle.  

One of the biggest stresses of moving is ensuring that all your belongings get to where they need to be on time. CEND is committed to customer satisfaction and guarantees that your portable storage container is delivered on time, every time. Aside from timely delivery, we strive to provide the following:

Convenience: We deliver the storage container to you, simplifying the process and saving you time.

Easy access: You can keep your storage container at your home for 24/7 access, or we can store it at one of our facilities. If you need something, we can retrieve the item for you.

Security: Our portable storage units are made of sturdy steel to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Flexibility: CEND is all about flexibility. We want to empower our customers to have the confidence and independence to choose the way they want to store their belongings. If you need to move your unit across the country, CEND can help. If you want to extend your storage time, no problem. We work with you to make your moving

convenient & affordable moving services

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long-distance moving

Some moving services have restrictions on the distance they are willing to go. This is fine for local moves, but finding a dependable company that provides both local moving services and long-distance moving services can be difficult.

Depend on CEND for your long-distance moving needs. We have a unique business model that offers cross-country moving services with a price match guarantee to ensure you get the best price possible. We also offer state-of-the-art technology, making the move stress-free because you can track your belongings along the way.


diy to full-service moving

At CEND, we believe that you as the customer should be in charge of your move. You know what is best for your needs and preferences, so we offer DIY moving services as well as full-service moving. DIY lets you choose which services you want, giving you greater freedom to tailor your move to fit your budget and needs. With full-service moving, we provide loading and unloading assistance, packing supplies, and more. This option is ideal if you are pressed for time or trying to juggle all the responsibilities of a move on your own. Our customizable moving services allow every one of our customers to have the moving experience they want at a price they are happy with.

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moving & storage

CEND offers a full suite of moving and storage services. You can select your services a la carte to choose just storage or moving. However, where CEND really shines is by offering the total package. When you are in the midst of a move, you can often use all the assistance you can get. CEND has options that include everything you need, from help with packing, loading, and unloading to assistance with moving your belongings from their current location to a new location across the country. CEND also provides short- and long-term storage options so you can safely store some, or all, of your belongings in one of our storage facilities before, during, and after the moving process.

CEnd moving and storage resources

seattle moving faqs

The benefit of choosing CEND is that it’s a marketplace that connects you to the resources you need. This approach makes it more affordable than most other major moving and storage companies. CEND also offers a price match guarantee, so if you find a lower price from our competitor, we will match it.

The cost of your Seattle move depends on a number of factors specific to your unique situation. You can get a more precise cost estimate by using our free quote tool to obtain an instant quote based on the information you provide about your needs.

CEND is a great choice for a moving company in Seattle. You get to choose which services you want and need for your move. Select your moving container size, and CEND brings it to you to load up with your packed belongings. Or you can opt to have CEND’s team do the packing and loading for you. CEND then removes the container and begins transporting it to the new location, all while allowing you to track the location of your shipment and the date it will be arriving. Upon arrival, CEND delivers the container, and you can begin unloading it on your own or choose to take advantage of the option to have the CEND team unload for you. You also have the option to store any of your belongings in your new location until you need them, with the help of CEND.  

Yes, CEND offers shipping to most major metro areas. Take a look at our locations, or feel free to reach out to our team for more information on where we ship. CEND is a great solution for long-distance moving.

CEND provides a moving calculator, which can help you visualize what size container and how many containers you will need. As a rough estimate, an 8-foot container is good for a single room or up to 500 square feet of space. The 16-foot container is suitable for most two to three-bedroom homes or spaces of up to 1,200 square feet.

Do you have more questions about how CEND portable moving containers work? Visit our Moving & Storage FAQ page for more information!

find your seattle movers

CEND is a unique solution to all your storage and moving needs in that it works as a marketplace business model, utilizing different providers to guarantee the lowest prices. The affordability and flexibility of our services are paramount to delivering on our promise of customer satisfaction. With CEND, the entire moving process is completely customizable, so you only pay for services you actually need.

If you are planning a move, take advantage of CEND’s moving and storage services. Book a moving container now, or request a quote to get started.