moving & storage faqs

CEND is a whole new idea that finally makes moving easy. We bring the best moving and storage companies together in one place! You can engineer your move your way – either doing all the heavy lifting yourself or engaging CEND’s partners to get the job done. We put you in charge by enabling you to tailor your quote based upon your specific moving and or storage needs. Then we guarantee a specific delivery date – not a range of dates. Your whole journey will be overseen by CEND to ensure you’re delighted with your moving experience. So, from DIY packing to full-service, door-to-door moving, the easiest part of the moving experience begins and ends with CEND!

For all full service moves, we will send a link for you to take a video inventory of your possessions. It will take you about five minutes using the AI video to create an automated inventory list of all your items – no software download required. With the inventory created by AI, our team will confirm or update the quote as needed so you have the right amount of space at the best price.

If you choose, on the scheduled date and time, we can do all the heavy lifting of picking up your possessions and transporting it for moving or into storage. We do need you or a representative to be onsite to sign the final paperwork. Finally, sit back and relax knowing your possessions are safe and secure.

CEND was started by four moving industry professionals with 150 combined years of experience in the household moving and storage business. This amount of experience gave us insight into what was missing from the moving industry – a company like CEND!
We have owned and managed 75 facilities on three continents covering over 180 million cubic feet holding treasured items like household goods, art, wine, and vehicles. While we did not own facilities ourselves, we managed a supply chain in 160 countries in the world for virtually every Fortune 500 and Global 500 company. Our track record of integrity and capability gives us access to a world of partners and a nearly endless supply of capacity on a global scale.

Our “market based” approach enables us to expand the traditional full service moving and or storage option to also include a series of a la cart services enabling our guests to engineer their move to suit their specific needs.

We Have Standards:
Unfortunately, the moving and storage industry has few standards in place. In a rapidly expanding industry created by urbanization, this lack of control and standards can be problematic. Security, safety, quality, and environmental standards are essential for the safekeeping of all possessions under our care.

Security begins with controlled access to our warehouses only by certified professionals, unlike self-storage where anyone with a key can get close to your items. Compare a padlock on the garage door of self-storage units to industrial doors and locks wired to base alarms and closed-circuit camera surveillance. CEND’s storage facilities are the safer choice!  

Security extends beyond the people allowed to enter and to every item that will be stored near your belongings. Unlike self-storage where you have no idea what the guy next door has on the other side of your unit’s thin metal wall, our standards ensure all goods accepted will not endanger anything within the secure warehouse. Self-storage rules say certain things cannot be stored, but there is no enforcement of those rules.

When it comes to safety, sprinklers are not required in self-storage facilities, so most units do not have them. Our warehouses not only are required to have sprinklers, but all firefighting equipment must be regularly checked by the fire department. Other safety and security measures include regularly checking the perimeter security fence, keeping a register of all persons and vehicles entering the warehouse facility, ensuring all electronic security systems contain an alternative power source so as not to be disabled during a power failure, prohibiting smoking – we even have regulations on how often the gutters and drains are cleaned.

Environment & Urban Friendly:
More and more cities recognize that self-storage facilities are “dead zones” for urban planning. These rapidly built facilities are creating a blight on the skyline and having a negative impact on other businesses in the area. The land may produce great returns for the owners of self-storage but they add little in value to the city as a whole who need pedestrian traffic for restaurants, hotels, theatres and homes.

CEND recognizes that storage is an extension of the home but does so with urban planning in mind. We utilize large existing warehouses on city edges purposely built for household goods that can replace self-storage facilities. This provides storage at reduced premiums for our guests while freeing up space in the areas of a city where we all need it most.

For a safe, secure and contactless experience, we are leading the way with AI technology.

Designed for anyone with a mobile phone, our AI tool is online 24/7. No appointments. No waiting. With your online quote estimate, we will send you an SMS link that will enable you to take a video of everything being moved or going into storage. So easy!

Taking a video allows the AI to automate an inventory list of all the items you will have in storage. It also determines exactly how much space you will need – it runs off our 150 years of experience of knowing how much will fit where.

So there’s no surprises on move day realizing something won’t fit. And no more trying to remember what you have in storage with the electronic inventory.


Whether you wish to add additional items or have some items delivered, we can adjust to meet your needs.

We will deliver any or all your stored items whenever you would like. If you want the patio furniture when it warms up and back in storage when it cools off, we do that. If you want all your items removed from storage, we will deliver anywhere in the world at a competitive rate using our professionally trained and certified team.

To maximize the security of your possessions and the safety of our customers, access inside our warehousing is not permitted. For more on how we keep your items secure, please see our Standards in the ‘What Makes Us Different?’ section.

If you are seeking regular access to your possessions, we recommend you consider a self-storage company.

Upon booking, we require a $1 down payment with billing direct into the Stripe platform via our website; no credit card information is stored on the CEND platform. For all moving services, the balance is automatically billed through the Stripe platform 48 hours prior to your move. Where storage is required, one month’s rent is also due the day prior to pick up. 

Please contact our team at your earliest convenience if you need to cancel or modify your booking. A nominal cancellation fee may apply.

We want to take care of you as soon and as best as possible. Any claims are handled by an independent third-party company SelectRISC and any general issues handled by our team. Please contact us in either case for appropriate next steps.

As professionals who have helped millions of families, we know that furniture, electronics, and other household items were never meant to be mobile. As a financial steward and an extension of your home, we would encourage you to consider our protection.

Why CEND Protection?
Neither homeowners nor renter’s insurance will typically cover your belongings outside of your home, i.e. when you are moving. Accidental breakage like a lamp being knocked over is also not covered on your current insurance plan.

Our programs have been created specifically to protect against the unique risks associated with the transport and storage from homes all over the world – including accidental breakage. We protect you from the time our team enters your home until everything is safely delivered back to you all under one policy.

How Much Does It Cost?
We offer several options dependent upon your needs.

1. “GOLD Coverage”: For full service moving including packing, loading, transportation and unloading services we offer a “comprehensive replacement coverage program”. This coverage means if anything is broken, CEND will fix or replace it. If the moving truck got into an accident and the entire shipment was destroyed, CEND would provide replacements for all your items.
Your peace of mind coverage typically starts from a studio with $15,000 in value for only $129 to a 5-bedroom home with $90,000 of value for only $720.
2. “SILVER Coverage”: For both our do it yourself and CEND managed load and unload options, including transportation, we offer a “Silver Coverage Program”. The coverage is similar to that of our “GOLD Coverage Program” but excludes any loss or damage in cartons not packed by a CEND authorized agent unless that damage or loss is directly caused by fire, collision of the carrying conveyance or by crash, collision or by overturn of the or of the carrying conveyance. There is no protection for any protected property claimed missing from a carton, package or container. Cartons, packages or containers not professionally packed by approved movers will be marked “PBO” (Packed by Owner) on the packing inventory.
Your coverage typically starts from a studio with $10,000 in value for only $99 to a 5-bedroom home with $60,000 of value for only $999.

3. “BRONZE Coverage”: This plan has been developed for those who do their own packing, loading, and unloading. This plan only kicks in if the total loss happens directly because of certain specific reasons listed below. It won’t cover any other scenarios:
1.   Collision, upset, or overturn of the transportation vehicle.
2.   Fire and lightning.
3.   Flood caused by the rising of waterways.
4.   Windstorm and hail.
5.   Theft with evidence of forced entry during transit.

Your coverage typically starts from a studio with $15,000 in value for only $99 to a 5-bedroom home with $60,000 of value for only $599.

4. “Storage Extension Coverage”: You can relax knowing that when your possessions are in our care, we also offer a comprehensive storage extension policy for as little as $29 a month. Want to do the math yourself? The cost of coverage is 0.3% of the total value of the stored items.
Regardless of coverage amount, all policies come with a $2,500 deductible for damage caused by Named Storms (as assigned by the World Meteorological Organization) and $200 for all other events.

When you CEND it, we will do the job right the first time or make it right during the claims process. When you protect your possessions through CEND, we will get your claim settled quickly and correctly because “no hassles” is what we do.

If you have decided to take on the packing yourself, plan to use only moving quality supplies like our box kits. None of your possessions were designed to move, so give them all the protection they can get with the right materials.

Avoid overloading!
Pack boxes to 45 pounds (20kg) maximum for easy lifting.

Use the right carton.
Pack lighter items in bigger moving boxes and heavier items in smaller boxes.

Distribute weight.
Pack heavy items on the bottom of the carton and lighter items on top.

Label everything.
Always label moving boxes with its contents, rather than just the room in which it belongs. This will also assist if you want us to deliver a few things but not everything out of storage.

Fill empty space.
Avoid crushing and limit movement by using fabric, tea towels, clothing, paper, or bubble wrap to completely fill moving cartons.

Pack plates upright.
Stack plates vertically (after wrapping them in packing paper) like in the dishwasher, and they are less likely to break. Trust us, we have been packing for 150+ years.

Take a photo.
Before dismantling any computer equipment or electronics, photograph the cords and connections to help you remember where all the wires go.

Maximize space.
Vacuum sealed bags are a great way to efficiently store things like duvets, winter clothes, blankets, and pillows.

Don’t risk spills.
Drain garden hoses and tighten the lids on all jars or bottles in the pantry before packing.

Prevent mould and mildew.
Make sure your appliances are completely drained of water and dry from any moisture.

Double check for hazardous items.
We do not allow the storage of flammable liquids or gas cylinders and our certified professionals will not take those items, so check your grilling equipment, camping gear, and drain all motorized tools of gas.

Our partners enforce strict policies within their operations to protect both all staff and also your possessions.
These strict policies include refusing to move or store any hazardous, combustible, and toxic materials including the following. (Pro tip – if it is pressurized, toxic, flammable, or illegal, we cannot move or store it).
•          Acids
•          Aerosols
•          Ammonia
•          Ammunition
•          Asbestos
•          Biological waste
•          Bleach
•          Car and household batteries
•          Charcoal lighters, and lighter fluid
•          Chemistry set
•          Darkroom chemicals
•          Explosives
•          Fertilizers
•          Fireworks
•          Fire extinguishers
•          Grease
•          Kerosene
•          Lamp and motor oil
•          Matches
•          Medical supplies
•          Nail polish and nail polish remover
•          Paint and paint thinners
•          Pesticides
•          Petrol, gasoline, and diesel
•          Poisons
•          Pool chemicals
•          Propane tanks
•          Solvents
•          Scuba tanks
•          Weed killer
Special Care Items:
If you would like to move or store any of the following unique items, please contact our Customer Care Team to make customized arrangements.

Valuable, rare, and collectors’ items – Coin collections, crystal, figurines, furs, oriental rugs, jewellery, and loose precious stones or gems.

Weapons – Antique firearms, bayonets, cleaving weapons, guns, knives and daggers, swords and blades.

Sensitive information – Address books, airline tickets, keys, car titles, cash, certificates of deposit(s), check books, collections (coins, stamps, etc.), financial documents, insurance policies, IRAs/deeds/tax records, medical and dental records, medicine, passports and travel documents, professional files, research projects, school records, and stocks or bonds. Pro Tip: we recommend not storing these items, as you may need immediate access to them.