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Sometimes, moving from A to B requires a stop in between. It could be that the new home isn’t ready or you need somewhere to store your extra stuff. No worries – we’re as comfortable at storing your belongings as we are at moving them! Our secure storage containers are weather-protected and can be stored at your nominated location or a facility local to you.

how cend moving & storage works

Together, we’ll create an affordable moving and storage plan for you.
Tape dispenser sealing a shipping cardboard box. Indoors
We’ll help you determine exactly what you’ll need and you can pack or alternatively leave it up to the experts
Delivered to your driveway and ready to load
Professional Furniture Mover And Delivery. Moving Couch
Do you want to load the container yourself or let our professionals do it for you?
Make a pit stop? Cend storage facilities are ready to house your container, if need be.

sound good?

let’s get moving!

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