Why do you need moving and/or storage protection?

Know your belongings are protected against loss or damage from any unavoidable circumstances, regardless of fault.

Just as you would insure your belongings while they’re in your home, rest easy knowing your stuff is protected from the time it leaves your home until its safely returned.

For your financial security, where in the event of accidental loss of or damage to your belongings you do not incur significant financial burden or hardship.

Granted, catastrophic events are rare, but the reality is – even with the most professional, highly trained rated and CEND certified partners – accidents do happen. So don’t risk losing it all. If it’s worth moving or storage, it’s worth ensuring adequate protection.

Homeowners and renters’ insurance may not cover or adequately cover your belongings “off-premises” and/or while in transit.

Check your specific homeowner/renter’s policy. If you have a typical policy, use CEND protection to cover that gap.

how much does it cost?

We have several ‘peace of mind‘ protection plans starting from as little as $9.