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For people & planet 

We are the world’s first eco-friendly moving and storage company. And yeah, we’re proud of that. 

The transportation sector in the US generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions at 29% (2019) or 1,901,820,000 metric tons of total emissions. cend leads sector behavioral change and be carbon neutral with major initiatives including:

  1. Containers: We utilize steel containers that have a relatively long life span (120-140 uses), which are built from recycled materials, and are recyclable. The moving industry however uses non-recyclable plywood for its containers that have a life cycle of only 20-30 uses.
  2. Route Optimization: CEND’s route optimization technology lowers the environmental impact of our moves with some 40% lower emissions compared to traditional models helping to save money, time, and the world.  
  3. Partnership with Carbon Fund: Our investment through the CarbonFund impacts 240 projects in 42 states and 28 countries committed to renewable energy, forestry, energy efficiency, tree planting, and water restoration. 
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