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cend is the answer to a question we asked ourselves: is it really possible to remove unnecessary costs and environmental impact out of a move? Yes! We believe in the power of an idea that provides inspiration and innovation to an industry that desperately needs it. We’ve imagined a simpler, more transparent, and eco-friendly moving and storage experience.

your move. your way. your price.

Cend is a whole new idea that gives you the most customizable, reliable, and green moving experience at the lowest price.


centralized completion


cend is a a marketplace of the best moving and storage companies, which means a one-stop-shop regardless of your moving and storage needs.




It’s human to feel worried once all of your possessions leave your driveway. How long will it take to get to your next home? cend will absolutely, positively guarantee your cend container delivery day.


simple, secure, sustainable


We ensure that the containers we use are secure, durable, and long-lasting. We also prioritize route optimization to greatly reduce carbon emission.

Cend is zero carbon by design.

There’s no getting around it – the transportation industry pollutes. Ugh. In fact, this sector generates the largest share of all greenhouse gas emissions 29% (2019) in the
United States.

We created Cend to be different in many ways, but none are more important to us than this one: We are committed to carbon neutrality. Cend wants to be the leader in drivingchange in this industry, and will achieve this through a myriad of initiatives including:


We utilize steel containers on long-distance moves that have a longer life span (120-140 uses), which are built from recycled materials, and are recyclable. The moving industry typically uses non-recyclable softwood plywood and these containers have a life cycle of only 20-30 uses if patched, repaired and repainted.

Route Optimization:

CEND’s route optimization technology lowers the environmental impact of our moves with 40% lower emissions compared to traditional models, helping to save money, time, and our environment.

Carbon Fund Partnership:

Our investment through the CarbonFund
https://carbonfund.org/carbonfree-programs/ impacts 240 projects in 42 states and 28 countries committed to renewable energy, forestry, energy efficiency, tree planting, and water restoration. These investments create offsets to CEND providing a net zero carbon emission.

Our commitment to the environment is just part of our commitment to bring peace to the customers we serve.

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