girl with brown hair in a yellow long sleeve shirt packing books into a cardboard box

Top 10 Moving Tips For Beginners

Assuming you are packing up yourself, here are the top 10 most important things to consider.

  1. Boxes over bags. Bags do not stack as well, so you waste room during loading.
  2. Heavier items in smaller boxes. You might be able to pack it, but can you lift it? Without the bottom coming out?
  3. Leave no spaces. Don’t leave any empty space at the top of boxes. Otherwise, when the boxes are stacked, they will crush each other. Instead, fill to the top with clothes, bubble wrap, or packing paper.
  4. Label, label, label. Include a brief description of what is in the box (like books & knickknacks). More importantly, write down what room the box came from. It will help you decide where to put boxes when you get to your new home.
  5. Move, sell, donate. Sort your items into those categories as you pack. Selling/donating items beforehand means you have to move less!
  6. Keep mattresses clean. If you’re not going to use mattress bags and don’t have enough plastic wrap, use two fitted sheets with one on either side.
  7. What not to pack. Skip this step if you’re doing the entire move yourself. Otherwise know that most movers won’t take plants, alcohol, or unsealed liquids (think bathroom products). Check what else
  8. Pack an overnight bag. You’re not going to be able to unpack everything on day one, so pack as if you’re going on a 1-3 day trip.
  9. Manage important documents. Keep them somewhere safe, like in your overnight bag. Documents include birth certificates, social security cards, car title and/or registration, passports.
  10. Don’t forget to eat! Eat up your groceries as move day gets close.On moving day and the first few days of unpacking, make time to refuel.

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